City of Central City

Convention Center Areas

Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms

The CCCC locker rooms are complete with large lockers, private shower areas and easy access to
the pool area. Please keep locker rooms clean and neat by disposing of trash. Additionally, using the
lockers will keep personal items safe and secure while using the facility.

Child Care

This child care center is NOT a licensed facility. The child care attendants will provide basic supervision and care for a 90 minute period while you and your child are in the facility. The basic care includes facilitating play and socialization, comfort and fundamental safety. Children ages 6 weeks to 12 years are welcome.

The child care area is free to members who have a family membership. Others will be charged a $7 guest pass per child, per visit. Children may not be left unattended in a closed child care room.

  1. Children must be checked in and checked out by the same parent.
  2. The maximum stay is 90 minutes.
  3. All parents must be participating in a CCCC activity and may not leave the facility at any time for
    any reason. Failure to abide by this will result in immediate termination.
  4. The CCCC child care attendant are NOT required to administer medication, preparing bottles of
    formula or serving meals to the children in child care. Employees are also NOT allowed to
    change soiled diapers or linens. Parents will be asked out of programs, classes or workouts to
    attend to these issues.
  5. Children who are ill should not be brought into the child care area.
  6. CCCC reserves the right to refuse any child due to behavioral problems or health reasons. Parents will be notified of such problems as the situation arises.

Child Care Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8am – 12pm
Monday – Friday 4pm – 8pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm

*Child care hours are subject to change.

Front Desk

The front desk is the first point of contact to the CCCC. This area is a source for user check in,
program information, facility tours, suggestions and questions.

  1. Equipment such as basketballs, racquetballs, towels, etc. will be issued to members. There is a $15 fee for all items lost or damaged while in possession of the item. General lockers are available for members. Daily use lockers are free of charge. Lockers can be rented on a first come, first served basis at $10 per locker per month. Lost and found items will be handled through the front desk.

Juice Bar

The juice bar offers a variety of healthy snacks, smoothies and supplements for an enhanced healthy lifestyle. There are tables available for a relaxing experience to watch TV following a workout.
Free coffee is available to all members.

Outdoor Pool & Spray Park

  1. No outside food or drink may be brought in.
  2. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Parents and guardians are responsible for
    their children.
  3. No diving except in designated areas.
  4. No running, screaming or horseplay.
  5. Please remove all toys and floats before leaving.
  6. No glass or breakable items.
  7. No profanity or fighting.
  8. Please bring arm flotation devices for non-swimmers. Use swim diapers for children who are not
    potty trained.
  9. Swimming attire only. No cut offs, make shin bathing suits, etc.


Gym Rules are as follows.

  1. No food or beverages are allowed in the gymnasium except water bottles with secure lids. In the event of a spill, wipe the area clean immediately and inform a CCCC staff member if further cleaning is needed.
  2. No tobacco products allowed.
  3. Profanity is strictly prohibited. Play with sportsmanship and courtesy at all times.
  4. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
  5. No glass items.
  6. Do not kick basketballs or volleyballs.
  7. Disputes will NOT be tolerated. A CCCC staff member will have the final authority to expel or ban members from the facility.
  8. No dunking or hanging on the rims.

Indoor Pool

Please be advised that a certified lifeguard will not be on duty for en;re pool opera;on hours.
Please swim at your own risk.

  1. Shower before swimming.
  2. No diving, running, horseplay or jumping off the diving blocks. No playing on lane lines, guard stands, etc.
  3. No glass.
  4. Swimming attire only. No cut offs, make shin bathing suits, etc.
  5. Do not disturb guard on duty.
  6. No profane language.
  7. When guard is off duty, no one under 16 is allowed without adult supervision.
  8. When guard is off duty, children under 13 must have an adult in the water.
  9. Adult supervision is considered 18 or older.
  10. At no time shall a child under 13 be left alone without a parent or guardian in the pool or pool

Sauna and Steam Room

  1. Observe sauna and steam room instructions before entering the sauna and steam room.
  2. Users must be 16 or older.
  3. Swimsuits are required.
  4. Shoes are prohibited.
  5. Shower before entry.


Users must wear rubber soled shoes. No street shoes are allowed. Equipment is available at the
front desk or members may bring personal equipment.

Weight Room

Fitness Center Rules

This area has been created to house the latest in cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Top of the line equipment include Life Fitness® and Hammer Strength®

  • Children under sixteen (16) are not allowed in the Fitness Center unless accompanied and under direct supervision of an adult. Anyone older than sixteen (16) may utilize the facility as they deem necessary. Children under 10 are not allowed in the Fitness Center at anytime. Child care will be available for children 10 and under at designated times.
  • Proper exercise attire is required at all times including clean shirts / sweatshirts, shorts / sweatpants and clean closed-toe athletic shoes.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Fitness Center except water bottles with secure lids. In the event of a spill, wipe the area immediately and inform a CCCC staff member if further cleaning is needed.
  • No tobacco products are allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • Use the equipment properly, following signs and directions. A staff member will be on duty to assist you with any questions, comments and / or concerns. Failure to follow the rules and abide by the CCCC staff members’ directions will result in immediate expulsion and being barred from future use.
  • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.
  • Allow others to use equipment while resting between sets.
  • Cardiovascular equipment is on a first come, first serve basis. During busy hours, users may be required to sign up for the next available machine. Use of cardiovascular equipment may be subject to a maximum usage time during peak hours.
  • Immediately report any Fitness Center related injury or facility / equipment irregularity to a CCCC staff member. Do not attempt to repair / adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.
  • All bars, weights and dumbbells must be returned to their proper plate holders and racks after use.
  • Do not lean plates against walls or frames of equipment.
  • Slamming or dropping weight stacks or free weights is prohibited.
  • No equipment shall leave the facility at any time for any reason.
  • Spotters must be utilized when and where necessary.
  • Collars are mandatory at all times on any free weight equipment and plate loaded equipment.
  • Personal radios (except i-PODS, mp3 players, etc.) are not allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • Please clean the equipment after each use.
  • Noise level must be kept to a minimum.
  • No compression shorts or sports bras allowed, no boots allowed.
  • No socializing on equipment.
  • 16 years and older ONLY Monday – Friday 4 pm-7 pm.

Group Aerobic Studio

There are several group exercise rooms used for additional workouts and a variety of programs.
Schedules are updated monthly and are available at the front desk.


Convention Room

The CCCC Convention Room is a spacious meeting area that is equipped with a state of the art projector and large screen to enhance any presentations. A fully equipped kitchen area adjoins the Convention Room. There are restrooms located just off the Convention Room.